KWFinder Black Friday 2018 Discount – KWFinder Cyber Monday Offers: One of the keyword tools that I used the most often for finding profitable keywords for my main blog as well as my niche sites is KWFinder.

I wanted to write an in-depth KWFinder review since I’ve been using it for a few months now and it turned out to be a much better tool than Long Tail Pro, which I was using before for almost 2 years.

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

kwfinder review

KWFinder Black Friday 2018 Discount

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

I mentioned KWFinder in my blog post about the best free keyword research tools and while I’m enjoying the paid features that it offers it’s still a suitable choice for those looking to find keywords for their sites without spending any money upfront.

First I want to talk about the tools features, why it’s great for finding keywords, and why I believe it’s one of the best keyword tools you can use these days.

To be completely honest I’ve had it open in my browser for probably close to 3 months by now since I always have so many tabs open and this is one that I just never need to close down since it’s always being used and is such an important tool in my internet marketing arsenal.

Well, how about I stop rambling on about how much I like it and let’s hop right into the review!

My KWFinder Review

KWFinder – What Is It?

search results for blogging tips screen

With so many different keyword research tools out there it’s hard to find one that offers a decent user interface, works in the browser, and is quite reasonably priced when it comes to premium options.

That’s where KWFinder falls into place and not only is it a great alternative to the keyword tools provided by Google but it’s also one of the best places to get started when it comes to doing keyword research for your own websites.

There are so many different ways to rely on building web traffic to your site and one of my favorite methods is using a combination of good keyword research and SEO for driving steady and reliable traffic over a long period of time.

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

When I started my first blog a few years ago I would just write about random things without any direction but these days I don’t start anything without doing some research first and finding good keywords to use.

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Without using well researched keywords it’s much more difficult to rely on long-term traffic through organic search and if you want to write about whatever you want you’re better off focusing on social media traffic instead.

Since I’m all about that SEO traffic I love using tools like KWFinder and in many cases it’s definitely worth spending a little bit of money to be able to take advantage of all that these tools can offer.

KWFinder Cyber Monday Discount Code

The Features of KWFinder

So what is it that makes this keyword tool so much better or different than all of the rest?

Well, it’s all about the features, and in this case KWFinder comes packed with features that anyone that wants to make it in the blogging world is going to love.

With this tool it’s possible to:

  • Find long tail keywords without having to connect any special accounts
  • Determine the search volume of specific keywords
  • Check the difficulty when it comes to SEO ranking on a specific keyword
  • Check the search volume for local keywords
  • Use different languages for keyword results
  • Enjoy using an easy-to-use user interface

A Look at the Dashboard/UI

suggestions results list

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

The dashboard on KWFinder, once you’ve logged in, is simple, stripped back, and very basic when it comes to being able to use it.

To get started you’re simply presented with some search functionality so you’re able to put in a keyword and start checking out the results right away.

Right above the search bar are three tabs – Suggestions (default), Autocomplete, Questions – and these tabs allow you to choose a different search function depending on the type of keyword you’re looking to find.

  • The Suggestion tab will provide you with a list of related keywords to look into further similar to if you were using a regular search engine.
  • The Autocomplete tab will provide you with a list of auto-completed related keywords that are specifically related to your seed keyword, rather than just a loosely related set of results.
  • The Questions tab turns your search phrase into a question and provides you with a list of results that include search queries such as “how-to, where, what, who,” etc.

So basically you can choose a specific tab depending on the type of keyword that you’re looking to write about in an upcoming blog post.

autocomplete results

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

Once you have gone through with a search you’re presented with a list of keywords along with an in-depth look at the SEO difficulty, monthly search volumes, and some details regarding different website metrics that are in the top ten results.

The metrics that you’re able to look at for the top 10 results include:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • MozRank (MR)
  • MozTrust (MT)
  • Links (shows external links pointing to URL)
  • Facebook likes (FB)
  • Google+ Shares (G+)
  • The SEO ranking difficulty (Rank)
  • How many visits the result gets per month (Est. visits)

With these different metrics you’re able to get a better idea on how easy or hard it would be to rank an article regarding your specific keyword and you’re provided with great insight into some of the main ranking factors of the top 10 results.

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

There’s also quite a long list of other keywords where you can see the monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, PPC, CPC, and trend.

That’s the premise of the basic dashboard that you’re able to use if you’re searching for keywords with KWFinder and now let’s take a further look into the different features that this tool offers.

SEO Difficulty

the seo difficulty of search keywords

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

After performing the search you’re bound to see part of the results lit up in a range of 4 different colors – green, yellow, orange, and red.

Each color lets you know how easy or difficult it is to rank a specific keyword based on KWFinders own SEO difficulty filter.

SEO difficulty results that are in green are the easiest to rank while the ones and red will be the most difficult.

The difficulty factoring looks a little bit like this:

  • 0-29 – Some of the easiest keywords to rank for
  • 30-54 – Not that difficult keywords but you’ll definitely need to work at it.
  • 55-89 – Pretty difficult and don’t expect any rankings in the near future – you’re going to have to spend a lot of time working for these keywords.
  • 90-100 – In the words of KWFinder “don’t do it”!

With this chart you’re able to get a better look at the SEO difficulty of what it takes to rank a keyword compared to the top 10 results and this way you can see if it’s worth spending time trying to rank a specific keyword that you’re interested in or just avoiding it and looking for a less competitive long tail.

This feature not only helps to prevent you from wasting time chasing after keywords and phrases that you’re just not going to be able to rank that easily but when you’re using the search function you’re also able to find easier keywords with less difficulty that you can spend time working on where have a better chance of gaining the number one, two, or three position in search results with.

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

In my example listed below you’ll see that a search for the keyword “make money blogging” shows that it’s a relatively difficult term to rank for, although not impossible, and if you’re looking for an easier when you want to continue searching for one that’s less competitive.

Results Filter

the different filters

Another great feature that this tool comes equipped with is the “Results filter”.

This is a filter that you can use to filter out certain things from your search results to make it easier to find those golden keywords you’re looking for.

The different filters that you can take advantage of include:


You can set a minimum and a maximum number of monthly searches for the keyword you’re interested in targeting.

This is great for finding those low-competition keywords that the bigger fish aren’t going after.


You’ll want to use these two filter options if you’re working on an AdSense site or you’re planning on using advertisements to drive traffic to your own site.

SEO Difficulty

I love this feature because it allows you to choose a specific SEO difficulty for any keyword or phrase you’re interested in.

This way you can find plenty of low competition results and just target those for the quick wins you need when you’re just starting out on a new blog or website.

Include Keywords

This filter lets you only have results displayed that included a specific keyword – I always use this one when I’m searching for “best” or “review” keywords for going after.

Exclude Keywords

This filter works in a similar fashion and you can have it so specific words or phrases are excluded from your search results.

Number of Words 

This makes it possible to only have results provided that include a specific number of words – ideal for finding those long tails without much competition.

The Lists Feature


KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

When you’re using KWFinder, and this is one of my favorite features, it’s possible to add any keywords that you want to remember in the future to a list.

I’ve created a list for each of my different sites and I even have one for a series of blog posts that I want to write.

Having the lists makes it much easier to stay organized and keep on top of any specific topics that I want to write about in the future.

To add a keyword to a list you simply check the small box beside the result you’re interested in adding and at the bottom of the screen you’ll notice the “Add to list” button.

After clicking that button a pop-up will appear and you can add the keyword to an existing list that you’ve already made or just create a new list for a new topic.

With Long Tail Pro it was possible to save keywords and even create different search lists but KWFinder makes this process a lot easier and it’s much more streamlined when it comes to building, editing, and browsing the lists you make.

Search History

One final feature that I want to mention is the search history that you’re able to access with KWFinder.

With this feature you can go back and look up the keywords that you were searching for in the past.

This is really helpful especially if you’re going to be changing computers or if you just can’t remember what it is you are looking up at an earlier point in time.

Plans and Pricing

annual pricing

I can’t remember exactly but I think I was paying around $30 a month to use Long Tail Pro.

I know they made it possible to pay an upfront fee and have a lifetime access to the software but I was never sure how long I was going to use it for and at the time I wasn’t willing to shell out for such a large upfront expense.

monthly pricing

KWFinder is much more reasonably priced when it comes to monthly and yearly subscriptions, especially when you compare it to some of the higher-end and higher priced keyword tools available out there.

As for the plans there are three different plans to choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Premium

The Free Plan

The free plan is, well, free and if you’re on a tight budget and looking to grow your websites then you can still take advantage of the free option without having to spend any money up front.

However, the features that you’re able to enjoy are quite limited.

With the free plan you’re able to take advantage of:

  • 3 KW lookups per day
  • 3 SERP lookups per day

And you only get 25 related keywords presented to you per search.

The Basic Plan

This plan will run you $29 per month if you choose the monthly billing but annual billing brings it down to a reasonable $12.42 per month.

With the Basic plan you’re able to enjoy:

  • 100 KW lookups per day
  • 100 SERP lookups per day
  • 200 related keywords each search

For most people it’s the Basic plan that I would recommend, especially if you’re just getting started with your sites and you want a reasonably priced keyword tool to be able to use.

The Premium Plan

The final plan you can go with is the Premium plan and it will run you $49 per month but if you go with the annual plan you’ll only have to shell out $24.92 per month.

This plan offers quite a bit more than the Basic one and if you’re a heavy hitter in the online game it’s definitely the option you’re going to want to consider.

With the Premium plan you’re able to enjoy:

  • 500 KW lookups per day
  • 500 SERP lookups per day
  • 700 related keywords each search

This is a TON of data you’re able to use and while sometimes I hit the end of my limit with the Basic plan I’m on I can see the benefit of using the Premium plan, especially if you have a bigger site and you’re outsourcing most of your writing.

I made sure to go with the annual pricing and for the basic plan I only had to shell about $149.99 for the year –  a monthly cost of $12.42.


Thankfully I’ve never had to use any of the support options available as I haven’t run into any problems using KWFinder but I’m quite impressed with the support they’re able to offer.

During the day (on the East coast in Canada and the US) it’s possible to reach the support team right from the main dashboard.

At night, when support isn’t available, it’s possible to leave a message and I would assume that the support team would get back to you as soon as reasonably possible.

Final Thoughts

kwfinder review

KWFinder Black Friday Discount Code

When it comes to the best keyword tool I have to say that KWFinder is one that’s right at the top of the list.

I use it every day and I always have it open in at least one tab in my browser.

So far I haven’t run into any problems with the results it has been able to provide and I find that the SEO difficulty is quite accurate so that I’ve been able to target low-competition keywords and rank them with ease.

Since there’s no reason to download any app or software to use KWFinder it’s always available and ready to go as soon as you log in and you never have to sync it with any MOZ accounts or anything like that.

I’ll do a more in-depth KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro review in the future but for now I would definitely recommend KWFinder over LTP when you’re looking for an amazing keyword tool.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging every day and growing your brand, working on an affiliate niche site, or just freelance writing for money, KWFinder is the tool you definitely want to add to your arsenal of online tools.  


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